Customer Gallery

Be Inspired!!

Pictures of our furniture in our customers homes look so much better than anything we can take……put your personal touch on your furniture and send your pictures into our stores, it's appreciated!

Welcome to our gallery of customer furniture pieces that were custom built to satisfy some of our customers’ specific wants and needs. After all, at Eastwood Furniture, it’s all about creating the furniture of YOUR dreams – not someone else’s. From dimensions and style to wood species and stain, each piece is hand crafted to be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Don't Settle. Make It Yours.

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It's your home. Why should you settle for someone else's perfect furniture? why should you pay for furniture that's not going to last? At Eastwood Furniture, we don't give you those options. We give you all that you need to ensure your investment becomes the furniture of your dreams. Stop by one of our stores or get in touch with us today for more information or get started building your dream furniture!