Why Eastwood Furniture? Made in Ohio, Designed by You

Here at Eastwood, we specialize in custom, hardwood, Amish-built furniture. For several reasons, our products are much more appealing to consumers than the big box store items. Of course, price and value is important for consumers. However, there are other factors that consumers consider important when purchasing furniture. Consumers want to support local businesses and purchase products made in the USA. The supply chain for Amish-built furniture is comprised of all local businesses, from the sawmills to the finish shops. When you buy local, you’re supporting American workers and American entrepreneurs. Buy American! Locally made products support a sustainable future. Amish furniture makers get their building materials from local sawmills that practice sustainable methods. By sourcing the wood locally, we eliminate all the negative environmental impact of shipping products from overseas. Consumers are more environmentally-conscious than ever, and the carbon footprint of our furniture is negligible compared to other retailers. Go green! The quality of Amish-built furniture lasts a lifetime-and beyond. Our furniture is a great investment into the future, as our products last a lifetime. They can be passed down from generation to generation. Our furniture is made with quality hardwood, no veneers. Amish-built furniture is built to last, providing great value. Imported products are low-quality with a very limited life cycle. Invest in high-quality pieces! Locally made means choice on design, color, and style. A lot of the business that we do is custom-built pieces. Every home is different and every customer has their own style. We can create the perfect piece for your home in any size, wood, style and color. The possibilities are endless! These are a few of the reasons why consumers prefer our furniture over the big box retailers. We create high-quality, custom, locally made pieces that people love. Stop by to see us at one of our 3 locations: Kidron (Amish Country), Medina, or Cleveland Heights. We hope to see you soon!