Chagrin Valley Times Article

Eastwood Furniture is proud to announce the opening of its third store in Cleveland Heights. The location at 3451 Fairmount Blvd opened in February and joins existing stores in Kidron in Wayne County and on the square in Medina. Specializing in hardwood furniture, Eastwood brings quality, craftsmanship, style and choice to its expanding customer base across Northeast Ohio. All of their products are built by Ohio-based Amish craftsman located in Wayne and Holmes County and each piece is hand-crafted specific to customer requirements for style, size and color. Eastwood recognizes that everyone’s home is different and the ability to customize pieces to match individual needs is a tremendous advantage to consumers. This is illustrated in their tag line… “Your Way for Your Home”. Furniture shopping today can be a challenging experience. Most big stores today source their products from Asia, resulting in long supply lines, limited choice, and high prices. These products generally are built using veneers and engineered woods on assembly lines in China, Vietnam and other countries across Asia where labor is plentiful and inexpensive. At Eastwood, all products are built with solid hardwoods (Oak, Quarter-Sawn Oak, Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Elm) that are sourced from Ohio and surrounding states. They use approximately 100 Amish Craftsmen that specialize in building hand-crafted pieces using traditional techniques to achieve the highest quality. And being local, customization is an easy process…working directly with the best craftsmen in the area and listening to our customer’s requirements, Eastwood will deliver exactly what they need for their homes. Traditional Amish furniture has been recognized over the years for it’s simple lines, light Oak finishes, and great craftsmanship. Contemporary Amish furniture has the same craftsmanship, but is now available in a wide range of styles (Contemporary, Modern, Mid-Century, Rustic) that match the desires of an expanding and diverse customer base. The range of finishes, colors, and effects has also been greatly enhanced to give customers a much wider choice to achieve the look they want for their homes. Stop by any of Eastwood’s locations and see what they have to offer……. 4722 Kidron Road in Kidron OH 23 Public Square in Medina, OH And now 3451 Fairmount Blvd in Cleveland Heights OH Or on the web at